What’s it like to be a Front-End Web Developer here in GSS?

First of all, allow me to introduced myself. I’m Louie Rosero a Junior Front-End Web Developer with a 2 years of experience in Web Development mostly in Front-End Part of the Website.

I do things like, updating the layout of the web page. Making it responsive so that it can able to adapt to different mobile device sizes. And also conducting a test for a cross-browsing compatibility issue.

Now, since you have a little bit of idea of who I really was. Let’s get started to discover my experience here in GSS.

Global Synergy Solutions (GSS) Start-up Environments

Here in GSS,

We used MacBook for most of our Web Development. And to be honest, this is the first challenge I faced when I start working here. Because as you can guest, I am Windows OS (Operation System) user guy, so learning on how this device work is kinda a big challenge for me. But when I was able to know on how things work in this device, things become easy to navigate and used.

On Web Development,

We practice and applied here some Front-End Web Development Technique like BEM for a proper naming of the Class or ID in the HTML Code, Git for Version Control, Code Indentation (2 spaces over 1 Tab), comments on every closing DIV tag to know where it is really belong in HTML Code Structure, GREP for finding a specific file or code line in Code Editor, EMMET for improving the HTML, CSS and Javascript code structure workflow and many more.


Working here in GSS is a blessing in disguise. You can improved your own skills and be able to work as the same time. Because Mr. Makoto (the CEO of GSS) help us to improved our own skills, by providing us a lot Udemy Video Tutorial with a different topic related to Web Development, Software Testing, Graphics Design, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and many more.

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